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Trivia Question-

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As a supporting player, he was a better general! However, in his youth, this future political leader who revolutionized his country was a player in the 1946 Xavier Cugat film, "Holiday in Mexico".

Who was he?
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I know you are not talking about Roddy McDowall. :D
nope.....my trivia knowledge is limited on this one and this may be this person's only filmed acting experience, tho he is quite visible in his present occupation to this day....
Fred Thompson (No idea, just trying to guess by the second clue but after re-reading the first clue, my answer sounds pretty far off base...:shrug:
I'm thinking Bay of Pigs huh? Not an invader, but a defender huh? Wants to be our friend now huh?
I think James is right. That would be the famous baseball player/actor Fidel Castro.
it's just a shame that he wasn't signed to a major league contract in the mid '50's or so. :D
Hell, he could lie about his age and I'm sure some team would give him a go...
If only he had a former drug problem or played for the Mets, the Yankees would have picked him up......

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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