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Troubleshooting problem

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I have a yr old installation with 5 boxes (H20, 2 HR20, and 2 R15). None of the boxes can find the sat during boot up. I bypassed the multiswitch and connected the H20 to one of the 4 lines directly from the dish, still couldn't find the sat. I assume the problem is the LNB, is there anything else I should try before call direct?
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hold down info on remote and goto signal levels.. post your levels..
I looked on the 2 HR20 and everything is a 0. The H20 never makes it past "searching for satelite" on the boot up screen to check the signal strength.
I would check to see if dish moved.. then the next thing would be a new LNB..
Right. It's highly unlikely that your entire LNB assembly failed on all 5 satellites. Check your dish to see if it will spin on the mast. If so, you'll have to reacquire the 101, lock down the main mast bolts, and re-do the AZ fine adjustment for 99(c)/103(c). The other possibility is your EL dropped because the mounting bracket has come loose. In that case, you'll have to secure it and re-do both the AZ and EL fine adjustment bolts.
Thanks for the help, I checked the signals again and all the sats had normal signal except 101 for one tuner and all 0's for tuner 2. I do have 2 switches so I started looking again. Thoroughly confused, I decided to go check the LNB cables. I just removed and reseated the cables and everything works fine now. I actually heard the TV volume outside while reattaching the LNB. Hopefully this solves some other oddities thats been happening with the last week or two. We did have some very humid weather a week or two ago (dew point in the 70s). I thought some of the issues may have been the latest software, but it looks like it was a loose connection.
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