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Truth in Advertising?

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Got this in the mail today.
Had to share.

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There is nothing funnier than real life humor!
Mustavbeen a refurb of a refurb of a refurb!
I swear I am not making this up.

There was a low-rent car dealer in Hudson NH (the site is now part pool and outdoors supplies, part Subaru dealer) back in the 1970s into the 1980s. He sold used cars.

He *wanted* to be like the 'big boys' across the river in Nashua, selling shiny NEW cars. So, when a new nameplate came out, he bought the franchise rights and tried his hand at new-car sales.

He bought into Pinninfarina.
he bought into Bricklin.
He bought into Alfa Romeo and whatever car company it was that tried to sell the Fiat X-1/9 when Fiat left North America.

The last straw for him was when he had a choice between two new car companies to buy into. This was his last shot. He had a choice between Hyundai (and their new econobox "Excel") and Yugo.

To quote the Indiana Jones movie, "He chose - poorly".

His business acument was so bad that he ran a Thanksgiving promotion to try and sell more cars.

I swear to you - no lie - he put the following on his changeable sign out front:

"Buy a car - Get a turkey"
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