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Tulsa HD Locals moved to different SAT?

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Sorry, I don't know the SAT's off the top of my head, hope this makes since.

I have an issue with my cabling where only one tuner picks up the SAT that all the new national MPEG4's came out on several months ago.

So, if I wanted to watch FOODHD, and it tried to user tuner 2, it got 711, searching for signal. If I started recording an HD show, it would force it to the other tuner and it would pick up. Actually, if it was recording, tuner 2 would work, but that's another issue.

Anyway, I never had an issue with my HD locals. Starting tonight, I'm having the same 711 issues with my HD locals as I do with the MPEG4 national channels. Did they move my locals from one SAT to another?
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