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Tuner 1 not controlling switch?

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I've got a 612 in my motorhome, connected to an automatic rooftop dome. As far as I can tell, the receiver has stopped sending switch commands out the tuner 1 connection.

I spent a long time playing with the dome, figuring the problem was there. (Everything started just after I replaced some RF parts in the dome.) But the more I struggle with it, and the more I talk with the dome tech support people, the more I'm convinced that the dome is workint properly.

The clincher was when I connected the second tuner input to the dome. In that configuration, I can run a check switch, and everything works as far as the receiver recognizing the switch setup, and the dome switching to different satellites as required. But, you can't watch TV using the second tuner, so that doesn't really help.

When I put the line from the dome back to tuner 1, the check switch fails, and the dome does not switch satellites. It's as if the tuner 1 connector is not sending the switch commands up the line to the dome/switch. I can manually move the dome to different satellites to work around the switch command not going out, but the odd/even transponder command is not going either. So, while I can watch channels on any satellite by manually pressing dome control buttons as needed, I can't switch between transponders, so I only get half the channels (those on the even transponders.)

I'm on the road right now. When I get home, I will swap receivers with the one in the house. I'm pretty sure the house receiver will work properly in the motorhome, and this receiver will fail in the house. If so, that pretty much clinches it that it is a receiver failure.

But, while I'm on the road, I'm putting out a plea if anybody can think of a work-around that will get me the other half of my channels. For example, is there anything you can think of I can try to get the switch controls to go out the tuner 1 port? (I've already done power code and power button resets.) I'm not holding my breath on this, because I think it's a hardware failure.

Is there any way to "disable" tuner 1, and set it up so that tuner 2is the main tuner for watching live TV? I know on my 722 I can put it in "dual" mode, and jsut use the TV 2 output, but this is a 612. Is there a similar mode? If so, where?

So, anybody got a workaround that will get me through this weekend until I get home and can swap receivers?
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After doing a little more research here, I came across a post where someone was having problems with check switch. The suggested solution was a hard reset, then do the check switch with no dish connected, then another hard reset, and a check switch with the dish connected. I tried that. It made things worse, to the point where I had trouble getting anything at all. :rolleyes:

So, now that I'm home, I took that receiver into the house, plugged it into the house dish wiring, and did a check switch. It works perfectly. Then I took the other 612 from the house, put it in the motorhome, and it controls the dome properly. Both are working fine, so what was the problem?

I just don't get it... :nono:

I'm so frustrated by this. :bang
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