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Tuner 1 showing 771 message

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This has started to happen to me with a HR20-700. I lose tuner 1 with a 771 message. It started about five days ago and is always tuner 1. I now check both tuners daily and find tuner 1 not working every day or two.

A reboot always fixes the problem but it comes back in a day or two. It makes no difference how the reboot is done: menu, RBR, or pull the power cord.

Swapping the BBC has no effect, its always tuner 1 that goes out. When I run a system test tuner 1 shows failed and also the LNB test fails.

The HR20-100 I have never has a problem and they are both on the latest NR software.

Does this sound like a hard drive issue since tuner 1 will recover and start working again?

Whats the chance of getting a replacement shipped for the $20 shipping fee?
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Change the cables [swap 1 & 2] and see if it changes or doesn't.
It not a hard drive issue at all.
waltmapb said:
What I meant to say is I swap the BBC and coax to the dish and the problem is still with tuner 1. How would it be a tuner problem it it recovers with every reboot?
The reboot "resets the chips" and does little to the drive [other than checking for errors in the files].
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