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Tuner issues on HR21-700

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For the second time in a week the no.1 tuner on my HR21 has gone out. I have switched the cables to make sure it is the tuner and not the switch. Both times a red button reset brought it back to life. I think I need a new unit, but what are other ideas here? I mean if I am trying to record 2 things and it goes out, I lose whatever was being recorded on 1. Further, if recording something, I would be unable to watch something else, which is what triggered today's situation.

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Try swapping the bbc's
Try moving it to a different room (if you have another to swap it with).
What type of dish do you have, AT-9 or Slimline?
Supervolcano said:
Try swapping the bbc's
Try moving it to a different room (if you have another to swap it with).
When I swapped the cables from 1 to 2 and 2 to 1, the bbc's were still attached, so that has been tried. I have a slimline dish. Both times this has happened its been tuner 1.
Receiver, multi-switch, or LNB - all service items, unless you can talk them into a new receiver over the phone. Unlikely......
I would not think that this was an issue with the slimline since it is only affecting the number 1 tuner. Also a red button reset would not clear lnb or multi-switch issues. I will try a call to support tomorrow and see where I get.
There apparently have been some infrequent compatibility issues with HR21-700's and certain LNB's. Something to keep in the back of your mind. I'm not sure if the additional use of an external multi-switch figures into the issue one way or the other. It's all rather arcane.....
Thanks Stew for that bit of arcane info. An intermittent problem like this would throw most techs into a tizzy. They would take a look and if it was working at that moment declare "I don't see no problem"! :nono2:
Are you actually using a multi-switch in your current setup? If so, you can temporarily bypass it with four double-female barrel adapters, and hook your two DVR's directly to your dish lines to eliminate it as a possible problem.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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