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TV Issue Involving Both the H10 and H20

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Hi, I've been a long time reader of the forums and have finally gotten around to registering, mainly because I have a question to pose to everyone (don't hold that against me, please).

I recently purchased a 27" Westinghouse LCD flat panel (27w6) HDTV, with which I have had multiple issues. One of these problems was pervasive while interfacing with both the H10 and H20 D* receivers. I have come to call it the "skipping" image - I call it that for lack of a better word. Basically, the picture appears to hang for a few frames, giving off the appearance of a skip on a DVD (although not as pronounced). Obviously, it is most noticeable in fast motion, making sporting events almost annoying to watch. This issue pops up often, sometimes within a few seconds. I thought maybe cabling was an issue, but the problem is the same using both component and HDMI input. Like I previously mentioned, I've hooked up an H10 and H20 to the TV with the same results. In addition, I previously used the H10 on my main HDTV, a 61" DLP monitor, with no problems.

Having eliminated the receivers as the cause of the 'skipping' issue, I returned the original TV in exchange for a replacement unit (same make and model). However, this second TV has the same issues as the first. I'm at a loss. Is it possible that both TV's are lemons? Or is this a known issue with LCD flat panels? Or any other issue with the D* receiver that I'm overlooking? Any insight on this problem would be a great help. At this point, I'm thinking of returning the second TV and trying a third. If that fails, I'd go to a new make and model.
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Welcome to DBSTalk! And nice troubleshooting!

I think it's safe to conclude that your Westinghouse LCD TV has some sort of design flaw in processing/displaying video from its high def (HDMI & component video) inputs. The fact that your H10 works fine with your DLP monitor but not the Westinghouse seems like the clincher to me. I would suggest trying a different brand of LCD TV.

You might also want to post this question in the "LCD TV Forum" at http://www.avsforum.com.

Let us know what you find.
Thanks for the advice. And I will post to the LCD TV forum at AVSForums. I wasn't aware of that source of information.

Unfortunately, what you are telling me is what I was thinking. I guess I'm having trouble coming to grips with the facts. Probably happens when you waste a Black Friday morning waiting in line for the TV. Hard to let go.
I'm wondering if it's a design issue with the Westinghouse LCD TV. Trying a different brand of LCD TV should answer that question. And folks at AVSForum might know more, too.
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