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TV Ratio

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What does "TV Ratio" under my HR24/100 display settings do? Mine is set to "Standard 4:3" but my 720p, Widescreen, 16:9, TV seems to operate fine, with full HD. My DVR video display settings are Native "On", Screen Format "Original Format". All of the TV Resolutions are "checked on". Does this trump the TV Ratio? If so why have the "TV Ratio" setting?
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TANK said:
Since you have a 720p ,I would suggest also turning native to "off " and only selecting 720p as your resolution. I do this with my 720p plasma and it seems to allow my HR23 to work a little faster . It also seems to make the sd channels look a bit better.

Try it for a day or so,if you don't like it just change it back
I second Tank's suggestion. I watch a lot of anime from the Anime Network On Demand (channel 1889). It's in SD but most of the newer series are letterboxed so I use the "Crop" setting to make the video fit the screen. However, some older series are in 4:3 format, so I switch back to "Pillar Box" to watch them. With only 720p selected, I only have to cycle through four formats-crop, original format, stretch and pillar box. Oh, and watching Doctor Who before BBC America went HD was at least tolerable.
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