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TV Ratio

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What does "TV Ratio" under my HR24/100 display settings do? Mine is set to "Standard 4:3" but my 720p, Widescreen, 16:9, TV seems to operate fine, with full HD. My DVR video display settings are Native "On", Screen Format "Original Format". All of the TV Resolutions are "checked on". Does this trump the TV Ratio? If so why have the "TV Ratio" setting?
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veryoldschool said:
This has stripped everything off of the video, so your TV is doing what it has to.

You do want to change to 16:9.

What the difference is has to do with the other format options.
Currently with 4:3, you have the option for HD in letterbox, which you don't need, but don't have the option for pillarbox for SD, which you might want.

Changing to 16:9, gives you the option for SD format changes and nothing for HD, which you don't need, as your TV is 16:9
Thanks! A very good explanation!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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