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TVApps have started to disappear

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Over the last several weeks my TVApps have started to disappear. I logged into the TVAPPS website and it shows them with lines through them and indicates that they are "unavailable". At this point I only have 1 TVApp that still shows up in the dock.

Does anyone know if Directv is phasing these out? Do they have expiration dates? Or does it have something to do with the developer? Not sure how these apps work but I'm missing the ones that are gone.

Any info regarding them would be appreciated. Thanks.
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What apps are not working for you?

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I have several webcams. Among them are Aruba and Old Faithfull. The one I really miss is the Quakes app.
If it's helpful, on directv.com/tvapps, the webcams have :5 following the title and the quakes app has :90001 following it's title. Seems like that might indicate an error of some sort.
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