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Spoke with Jack Brunk ,Vice President of Sales and Glen Dudek, Senior Vice President, Engineering about the rumor that TVGuide onscreen was not ready for the switch to digital.

In short, basically every TV that supports TVGuide on Screen and has a digital tuner is already set for the switchover in February, 2009. :) Their products, mostly software these days, incorporated into the TVs by the manufacturers has been digital ready for several years and 2 major versions.

The other good news is they have already covered 50% of the country with digital guide data today, targetting 95% by early 2008. (my words) sounds like plenty of time before the switchover to help stations debug this aspect of the digital realm.

Tidbit of the conversation was that they have about 8 different models of digital test gear. (Multiple samples of the various models.) Anyway, they all behave/highlight differently whats going on in the digital stream. The DTV streams (and the test gear) are still in flux these days!

Jack and Glen, thank you very much for your generous time.

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