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Two HR20-700's and both with same setup issues

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My HR10 went bad so Directv sent me a new HR20-700. I wasn't exactly pleased to change now that the HR10 finally has the 6.3 version upgrade. But I reserved my judgment.

I took the first one out of the box. Connected it exactly the way my HR10 was connected including using the HDMI cable.

Booted the unit up, went through the guided setup and in the middle of the setup the unit rebooted to tell me it found a new software version. I believe it was version 0xfa (that's what is on the unit now). It would completely install the upgrade and then reboot again...

Goes through Step 1 of 2 checking Satellite Info...

Then Step 2 of 2 Downloading Satellite Info (excuse the exact verbage). After getting up to 80% it would reboot itself.

It kept doing this over and over again. Spent 3 hours on the phone with Directv. Tried reformmating, disconnecting the sat cables, even the HDMI cable. Nothing.

Finally they sent another one. Received it Wednesday (first one was received Saturday). Went through the guided setup this time I was able to get to Channel 100 as I waited for Directv to update the card. I was on channel 100 for about 20 seconds and the unit rebooted with an update to install.

Update installed, reboot, up to 90% receiving satellite information and the same problem.

Yikes, this was freaking me out. BOTH times the Directv guys couldn't put my old card back in the HR10 (the problem with the HR10 was intermiitent so having it running was better than nothing) so I had to get find another working card or wait for them to send me one.

I package the second HR20 up and left it. Finally the next day (Thanksgiving) I called them back and had a guy that asked me to try it again. I suggested taking the card out first. We tried it and it got further. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

What a nightmare. I have one HR20 and one HR10 to send back now, but slowly getting adjusted to this HR20. The UI needs a lot of work, but we'll get there.
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Just out of curiosity, what antenna are you using?
john18 said:
Just out of curiosity, what antenna are you using?
It's just a triple LNB Oval. DirecTV is scheduled to upgrade it to the 5LNB. I'm in New York so I don't see how it will help me, but as and when new channels are released...I guess.
I seem to be having this identical issue. Could you describe in more detail how you fixed it?
Taking the card out STOPPED the boot loop.
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