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spartanstew said:
Yes, I realize the show is starting on time, my question is why do I need to rewind to get to the start? I never had this happen until the last few months and I have been using Directv dvrs for years ever since I traded out my Tivos.

You're not understanding what I said. The show is starting PLAY right when it's supposed to (i.e. 7:00). The fact that you have to rewind to get to the beginning, is because the show actually started EARLY (i.e. 6:59:30). The DVR's automatically account for this when they can. If they didn't, you would miss the beginning of many shows that start EARLY. pre-padding is a feature.

You never had to do it before, perhaps because those shows weren't starting EARLY before and now they are, for whatever reason.
Stew, maybe there is a problem in how the question was originally phrased. But that's still a good answer.

Put another way, if that can help at all, the reason we can rewind is because there is padding (and I think the OP understood that part), but the reason we have to rewind is because DTV opted to start the playback at the point where the padding ends and the normal recording begins, as you pointed out. So, I think we are all on the same page.

That's a decision I agree with, BTW; I think having it start at the expected record time (but still having the option to go back a little bit) is more convenient, and every time I have to rewind it makes me more thankful that DTV was clever enough to think of this exclusive(?) feature in the first place, which I think is not just some small bell or whistle but on the contrary is a critical and expected main feature that would be a deal-breaker were it not offered by a theoretical competing DVR or competing program vendor.
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