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two remotes on TV2

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On a VIP722k installed in January, I have a 20.1 and 6.3 remote configured for two TV2. One was in kitchen and one in a bedroom. Only used one tv at a time. A replacement receiver was installed in February, and now I can't get both remotes to work. Both are set to same channel, but only the last one configured will work.
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What band is the remote set to? Check by pressing the system info button on the front of the receiver. They need to be on the same address, and band to work together. For the 21.0, Band A is odd numbers, and Band B is even numbers. The 6.3 has a switch next to the batteries that determines the band.

To change the remote address, hold SAT on the remote, press any number 1-15 on the keypad, press #, and then press record a couple times.

*EDIT* gtal98 beat me to it. Go with his suggestion :D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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