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Two tuners are in use message

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But only one thing is recording and it won't let me tune to another channel... Whats the problem?
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i'm having this same problem. it is driving me crazy. i've just got one thing recording, but it makes me stop just to change the channel. i feel like i've taken 3 steps back!!!!
i guess i need to reboot also. will i lose anything that is currently saved, settings or recordings?
thanks guys. i'll reboot as soon as this game is over
reboot didn't work. when i tried to record the channel i was watching, it told me there was a conflict b/c only 1 other program was scheduled at 10:30. this is going to be a major problem. does anyone have any other suggestions?
tibber said:
Next suggestion on the diagnosis tree is to pull up the signal strength charts for each tuner to see if one tuner is showing abnormally low signals. then swap the cables and see if the signal issue swaps tuners. For the moment, you might try removing the BBCs from the lines and see what the signal strengths are.

Sorry you have to do this yourself, but getting an installer to do this might be more painful...
thanks tom. i've done that also, checked strength, not swapped cables. to keep from posting in 2 places, i've posted all of that info in the sticky atsc/ota thread at the top of the page if you care to check it out. thanks for the help. i really appreciate it.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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