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Hello Everyone,

I have a question about my VIP722 Receiver remotes. Unfortunately, neither of them work with either TV set (TV1 or TV2) :( .

The reason for TV1 (my HDTV set) is its crappy ILO brand--I have since replaced it with a universal IR remote from Radioshack and working great.

However, the second remote will not work with my other television (the technician who installed the system said something about the fact it was DVD/VHS combo set).

My question is: Is there a way I can get a Universal UHF remote to replace my Dish remote for TV2 just as I have with an IR remote for TV1?

Thanks for any help! :)

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Have you done a COMPLETE cycle of TV codes using the 6.3 (TV2) remote? If so, no TV code in that remote will operate the TV. But you MIGHT be able to get Power to work trying various VCR/DVD codes (Your combo is TV-DVD-VHS?). DISH does supply different versions of the 6.3 remote. Look at the 6 digit number on the back of the remote. A bigger number might give you a shot, but that is really your only shot at a TV2 UHF remote supporting your combo TV. 902 won't apply to your TV, but:
The code is 902 (I did the code search method). I have two 6.3 IR/UHF Pro remotes. The code works in one and not the other. The six digit number on the one that works is 148786 and the one that doesn't is 143037. I hope this helps.
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