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UltimateTV - Don't Record Repeats?

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Can someone explain to me how this function works?

I set it up to series record Sopranos and Curb your Enthusiasm, and checked the Don't Record Repeats box. So it recorded the shows on Sunday, and I watched and deleted them, and it keeps recording them as they repeat this week.

But then another show, I saw in the history it didn't record, because it said "Exact same show was previously recorded".

Why doesn't it do that for the other shows?

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If a shows doesn't say "Repeat" in the description, the Ultimatetv doesn't know that it is a repeat. Syndicated shows are also notorious for this. For example, I have an auto-record set up for Friends with no repeats. It picks up the daily syndicated shows (one on TBS and two on KJZZ locally), but doesn't pick up the weekly NBC one if it is a repeat. The description for the one on NBC clearly says Repeat, while the syndicated ones do not.

Also, if a show has been erased on your hard drive, it will be recorded again. The show that said "Exact same show was previously recorded" is probably still sitting on your hard drive.

Hope that helps.
Aha! That's the thing, that other show is not still on there, I deleted it a long time ago. That's what's so confusing....
It could have something to do with the difference between a series (or auto) recoding versus a single recording :shrug: I've never noticed something like that before.
I've seen that with my set up to record "Enterprise" when I check the upcoming show list, it will show both the Wednesday airing and the Sunday repeat on the record list. After it records the Wednesday airing, the Sunday re-air is removed from the list. If I were to delete the record before the sunday re-air, it would re-record it on Sunday night. I also have it set not to record repeats.
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