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I don't speak French, but I think I figured out what Kamer2 was addressing in "un probleme avec l'ideto". Nile Sat at 7 degrees east has MPEG2 programming which uses Irdeto encryption, which is something like the Nagravision that DISH network uses. With some MPEG-2 receivers, particularly those manufactured for use in Spain, there is a slot nearly as large as a cigarette pack that can accept a module which containes the encription software and circuitry, like Nagravision, Irdeto, Viaccess and others. This may be the architecture that U.S. manufacturers wind up using when they start making receivers that are compatible with both DISH and DirecTV.

The encription modules must still be activated by the programmer. I do not know if there are generic smart cards available, of if the programmer must furnish a dedicated smart card as well. If Kamer2 wants to legally view any of the scrambled programming on that satellite using his Irdeto module, he should visit: www.lyngsat.com/nile.shtml, and click the name of the provider of the service he wants, and they will be able to tell him how to activate his receiver.

Bon voyage!
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