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I have trying to connect to the internet with my Direct TV HR21-700 DVR and I keep getting error 22
Here is what i have :
software release 0X251
Linksys WRT54G router
DHCP enabled
Netgear Powerline Adaptors
I know the powerline adaptors work because I hooked a laptop up to one and was able to access the internet
I tried rebooting the Westell DSL Modem and the router
I tried unplugging the the powerline adaptors and plugging them in
I tried rebooting the HR21-700
I was able to briefly connect to the internet once and then it disconnected
I was wondering if someone can share a solution to this problem

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If DHCP is enabled, I would suggest resetting your network to defaults and trying again.

Also try moving the network cable from one jack to the other, that sometimes works.

oh, and :welcome_s to DBSTalk!

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vandyman said:
I changed the ethernet connector on the HR21-700 and it worked. You are a genius. This is a great website and you guys are very helpful.
I have an almost identical setup. Everytime I do a restart or get a software update, my internet connection is killed and I have to swap connectors each time to get it to work. Once I swap them, it connects immediately. Very weird.

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