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The problem occurs on a HR34-700 running Release 0x054A . I have created a TV Series for the show Grimm on NBC. Currently there are three episodes of Grimm schedule to record. I have seen all three episodes and I wanted to permanently cancel the scheduled episodes from the To Do List.

When I went into the To Do List to cancel the three individual Grimm episodes, I was able to cancel them, however, within a few minutes the episodes reappeared in the list. Once a show has been recorded I can permanently delete it but I cannot permanently cancel a future episode in the To Do List until after it is recorded.

If I delete the Grimm Series from the Series Manager, then the three episodes are permanently removed from the To Do List. I have tried to cancel individual episodes from other created Series and the same problem occurs, with the episode reappearing in the To Do List within a few minutes.

Has anyone else seen this problem?
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