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There are a lot of questions in your post so I'll do my best. The N/A's mean just that, they're not applicable. DirecTV does not control nor own all the TP's on the current 103s, 99s, 110 and 119.

101 and 103c are currently owned and operated by DirecTV therefore they are in control of all the TP's.

I believe DirecTV leases space on 110 and 119. Some correct me if I'm wrong.

Your signals look EXCELLENT so you have nothing to worry about in that area. I believe a spreadsheet exists somewhere on the board but there really is no "master list". Why you ask? Because DirecTV often moves channels around from one sat to another, from TP to TP so it's hard to nail down what exactly is delivering what.

99s and 103s delivery MPEG4 HD locals to different markets/areas via a spot beam TP not a conus TP (continental USA). So signal strengths on 103s and 99s will vary depending on where you live. What I can confirm is that all the new national MPEG4 HD channels are being delivered by 103c. You're getting great signal on 103c so if you have anything being delivered via spot beam on the 103s you would have high numbers on one if not more of those TP's. From looking at the numbers on your TXT file, it's possible you have locals being delivered on 103s OR perhaps a neighboring market/area has locals being delivered by 103s.

It doesn't look like 99s is delivering anything to your region.

There are probably folks that can do a far better job of explaining. Hope this helps.
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