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*minor correction*
DirecTV controls the entire orbital slot at both 99 and 103. The Ka assignment are no longer done transponder by transponder but are done by the orbital slot. In fact the transponder sizes are no longer specified and DirecTV can set them at any size they want. The only real limit being what the equipment can handle (our receivers and probably the sats).

99s and 103s are both spots and the only thing you would need to worry about is the specific spot(s) that are used to deliver your locals. I don't how ever know if there is a list of these or if these are even really static. Really if 103c and soon 99c is coming in well which ever spot(s) you need on these should be fine.

101 and 119 both have some spots and some Conus transponders that show up on the same page so some really low or 0's there aren't an indication of a problem. I believe there is as list of these and it probably hasn't changed in a while.

110 and 119 are both original DBS allocations which means they were allocated specific transponders so DirecTV only has a couple transponders at these locations. I believe Dish has all the other transponders at these 2 locations. The software in the receivers know which transponders DirecTV has at these slots and puts NA on the others.
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