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Unexpected Errors

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Approximately twice a month I receive some sort of an Unexpected Error signifying that a particular show did not record. This is the error message that I receive under History as to why my show did not record. FYI I did have another show recording on the other tuner at that time today but maybe not always. It was explained to me by a tech at Directv that this is a software related issue. There are no conflicts and the show was scheduled to record, usually in a Season pass, but no matter what software I have on my dvr, whether it be a CE or National Release this seems to happen around twice per month or so. I am beginning to think that the VCR was more reliable than DVR's in general. Luckily I am able to back up shows on another dvr in the house or the shows wind up being on the internet but nonetheless it is still quite frustrating and just shouldn't be. Can anyone out there relate to this? How often does it happen to you? I wish there was a reasonable explanation for this but most probably it is just all software issues as we all have occasionally in Windows and maybe one day they'll be few and far between. Your comments and input are all welcome and thank you for reading my thread.

Russell ( somguy )

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Not really sure. Could be many factors, including a late change in the guide data.

Also, even though there are no other recordings taking place at the time of these failed recordings, what about before or after? Are there any padded recordings prior to this or recordings scheduled to start a minute or two earlier, this can result in a conflict. What about the failed recording, is it padded in any way?
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