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Unitas Field

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There is a petition circualting in Baltimore to rename Ravens Stadium (once called PSINET Stadium) Unitas Field. Nice ring to it and a fitting tribute to one of Baltimore's (and the NFL's) greatest stars.

I doubt it will happen though. As far asI know no team in a major sport has ever named a stadium after a player----and there was a movement to name the baseball Stadium after Babe Ruth who grew up in its shadow but it fizzled out. Perhaps more importantly there goes the revenue from naming rights.

But I like the idea. And I was never a Colts fan. But I like the idea.
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The trick used by a number of colleges is to double name the venue. Baltimore could have Unitas Field at XYZ Stadium.
Many Baltimore fans and people around Baltimore have suggested this many times... I personally love the idea...
How about naming the State Penitentiary in Baltimore after Ray Lewis!
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