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unresponsive remote on H24

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remote will not respond to H24, it is an RC 32(or 34) the people who clean the house turned off the power strip and when i turned it back on the remote will not respond, changed the battery, went through remote set up about 10 times, advanced set up, setting up IR/RF, numerous RBRs etc...still won't respond, i called D and they are sending me a new remote but i have the feeling that a bad remote is not the problem, anybody have any ideas?
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Perhaps the remote was damaged.
MysteryMan said:
Perhaps the remote was damaged.
perhaps, but i tried an older remote, RC24? and i could not get that to work either
So it's not working in either RF or IR mode?
First I would reboot the H24.

If all else fails, go into H24 menus and Reset/Reset Everything.
Since its not a DVR you won't lose much other than some DD and Preset channel selections. But you will have to reset Sat dish and a few other things.

Box may have reset itself itself to a secondary remote code.
yes, it is not working in either RF or IR, I will try the reset deal, I don't really want to go through the whole set up aging but I am running out of options!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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