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btmoore said:
If you really want to feel the frustration:

Stop whining

My box work 100 perfect, whats your problem, it actually farts roses and butterfly's

Check your cables

Remove your broad band connectors

If you hate it so much just return it and shut up

You must be a tivo lover

and my personal favorite

Come on you are an early adopter, I know for a fact that D* is working hard to make this the best box ever, golly gee.

Ok, now you can actually feel the frustration ;)

But seriously, I feel you pain. Knock on wood, salt over the shoulder, holding my 4 leaf clover, etc etc etc, so far all has gone well for me on this version, so far, but I don't trust it, I know it is going to get me, it is just a matter of time.

Now I am going to put my tin foil hat back on and watch some more TV.
Ah satire and sarcasm. :lol: Very well done. You should just use this as your signature for anything in the HR20 forums...

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