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Unsupported ethernet to DECA MRV

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Converting from legacy to SWM8 in preparation for HR-34 coming this week. SWM8 installed, all good as far as signal and reception as it recognized SWM on powerup--currently one HR24 on port 1 and one Hr24 on port 2 with PI going to legacy port 3 with less than 3 feet of cable (all ethernet disconnected and reset, no broadband connection as yet and probably won't bother as air card is fastest available). I've rerun sat setup, network defaults, reauthorized and everything else I can think of. Playlists are still set to share but don't see each other. What am I missing--could I possibly have a receiver with malfunctioning internal DECA's or are there any other diagnostics I can run? Help! I'm frustrated and can't think anymore since I've been at this on and off since 9:00 am and reset everything over and over--I know it's probably something simple I've overlooked that I will be probably see tomorrow, but I want it working NOW so I can sleep tonight. Thanks.
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You should have a green label swm (2,4 or 8 port) connected to port1 on and then all your receivers connected to that. Then when you get your HR34 you can change out the SM8 to a SM16 as you will be at 9 tuners.
Without a router connected they take a while to find each other.
What you want to look for is that each shows under the system information, that they're "coax connected", under the networking section.
shouldnt port 2 be left empty for the second tuner of the first hr24
wahooq said:
shouldnt port 2 be left empty for the second tuner of the first hr24
If you're referring to the SAT #2, then yes.
After several hours yesterday with no more reset/reboots, the two HR24's had not reverted to DECA. To clarify, for now only two HR24's hooked to green labeled SWM8, one on SAT1 and, for ease of installation, second hooked to SAT2 (no splitters or filters anywhere) with PI on legacy port 3. When the HR34 is installed, the idea is to set one HR24 to single tuner mode, watch all the shows, then decommission it leaving only 7 tuners. I did not check this morning but last night, neither showed "coax connected" with multiple reboots with no ethernet connected. I had to quit changing/modifying yesterday afternoon when people came over to watch golf then other things. Broadband connection will eventually be connected at least for Directv2PC, if not for downloads (typically too slow). Came home this afternoon and both show "coax connected" and see each others playlists. If we lose power, are they going to get confused and take a while to see each other? Does anyone have a clue as to why they should take so long to decide they are coax connected? And I don't quite understand the SAT1 and SAT2 question. This is my first round with DECA and I appreciate the help. Thanks.
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