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Unusual Problem with 722k

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One of our 722k's will light up the leftmost green TV light while it is turned off. When I turn on the tv to check the receiver, it is not showing anything, including the screen saver for when it's powered off.

The receiver will not respond to the remote (will not turn 'on' or 'off'), and the only way I've gotten around this is to unplug it and then allow it to reboot. Once I do that, it will reboot, and return to (seemingly) normal, but once it is powered down, it's a sure bet that the next time I look at it, the green light will be on, and it will be a virtual brick again - until I go through the whole reboot exercise.

Does anyone have an idea as to what is going on? Is there anything I can do, or do I have to hassle with Dish for a replacement? Fortunately, this is a lease, so at least that is in my favor.
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Thank you - sending you a pm.
Update: the receiver is bricked. Waiting for a reply to my pm! :(
Matt contacted me yesterday, and a replacement receiver will be on its way to me today. Thank you Matt for such a quick response!

Jeff, thank you for sharing your experience! Hopefully others that might have this problem in the future will find this thread and realize what has happened with their receiver.
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