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smithrh said:
I'm in a market where we will be getting the HDUI in mid January - when I'm scheduled to be overseas.

In preparation for my trip (and NFL playoff games), I picked up a Vulkano Flow. It compares very nicely to the Slingbox, of which I was an early adopter.

Getting to the point, I'm not clear on what impacts I'll have when the HDUI gets installed. While the Flow isn't truly an HD device, it's not SD either. I get 16:9 content, but at a lower than true HD resolution. Currently I have it set to 720x480 but may drop that down to a lower resolution or let it auto-negotiate.

Currently, I'm using Composite from my HR24-500 to the Flow,* while HDMI feeds my HDTV.


Do I lose my ability to see the guide/list in this configuration once the HDUI comes to town?

Should I switch to component before I leave?

Should I set my HR24's resolution to 480?


* For some reason the Flow insists I'm actually using Component, not sure why this is the case yet.
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