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Upgrade advice.

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I currently have 6 boxes running off of a zinwell 8 line multiswitch. I have 2 boxes on my desk an HR20-100 and a H20-600, I have 3 boxes for my main TV a HR20-700, H20-600, and an old RCA Tivo I use for the slingbox and multiple football games :D . I also have and older Tivo in my sons room.

I am certainly getting rid of 1 old Tivo and going to get 2 more HR somethings.

The basic question is since I am in a 1100 SQ foot apt should I just upgrade to the Zinwell 16 output (yes there are a few wires runing through my place) or is a swm a viable and cleaner option for me?
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Remember that a SWM only can drive 8 tuners. So either you'd have to get splitters and two SWMs or the WB616. If you can upgrade the runs to the TV easily I'd go for the WB616. If you can't upgrade to dual wires go for the SWM solution.
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