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Upgrade Confirmation Help

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Hi, hoping you can help. I spoke with retention yesterday and upgraded and want to confirm what I'm getting. I currently have an HR20 that is dead, a replacement is being sent now, I understand this could be any HRXX. I also have an ancient SD Tivo DVR. I am upgrading this to another HD DVR. After further research, I realize I should have made sure I was getting an HR34. They are giving me the additional HD DVR for free, I just have to pay the $49. I called back this morning and tried to confirm the model, the rep said it was ordered as an HR34, but she sounded unsure and she was just the initial rep that answered (sounded new and would have said anything to get me off the phone).

Order Confirm
1 DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR $0.00
1 Cinema Connection Kit $99.00
1 Sales Order Credit -$99.00
Installation Fee $49.00

I received a new dish about 4 years ago when I upgraded to HD. I have 4 coax running, 2 to each room. I believe I have 2 B-Band? at the back of the HD DVR. I ultimately want to have multi room viewing with a DVR in each room that allows me to watch shows from either DVR in either room and allows me to pause/rewind in both rooms. Am I on the right track, or do I need to call retention back. Really appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks!
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Thanks! Just called back and was on with retention for another 30-45 minutes. Took some work but got the HR34 for $99. Didn't feel like there was a chance to get to Free. I can live with that. Thanks for the quick answer to get my on the right track.
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