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Upgrade cost confusions

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I ordered the upgrade to HD DVR service and they charged me $99+ $19.95 ($124 to a cc) I looked at my account today at the site and see this? What is going on? Also why two installations?



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It's just the way the upgrade appears. My parent's upgraded a few months ago and their account showed similar items, but they were charged the full amount (99 + 19.95 + tax)
You know, those invoices that D* can be confusing. I was checking mine tonight just to make sure everything I needed was on mine for Saturday. Saw something that had me a little confused.

My invoice has everything you would expect, HD Plus DVR, HD Access, CHOICE locals, 5-LNB Satellite, but what I don't understand is the line that says 'Additional DirecTV Satellite Dish'. Anyone have any clue why I would need an 'Additional Dish'? Thanks.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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