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Upgrade HD DVR offer for loyal customer

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I'd like to take advantage of this loyal customer offer but it wouldn't be to upgrade our SD receiver. We're having issues with one of our HD DVR's and would like to get this free offer and use it to replace what we believe to be a malfunctioning HD DVR. We've replaced this HD DVR 3 or 4 times now and am tired of receiving back their refurbished junk. Do you see any issues with me trying to do what I described above?
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Since the upgrade really isn't an upgrade at all in your case, there is lots wrong with the offer.

If you get an HDDVR from D* it will be whatever they ship, might be new, might be refurbed, and which model isn't guaranteed either.

So just get them to swap the gear as defective instead of a new 'deal' that sticks you with a new contract.
Or, if you're really tired of getting refurbs, get one from an authorized seller. It will cost $200 and a contract, but you also know you'll get a new HR24.
You may just receive a piece of "refurbished junk" to replace it. Up until a couple of months ago, when I'd pickup from the warehouse, I would receive new 24s and a couple of refurbished HD/DVRs. Lately, I've been getting all refurbs, most of which are not 24s.
Offer says it ships a H-24. If I don't want to take the route you are suggesting would I be able to get the upgrade and use it as a replacement for a HD-DVR or would they know I'm doing that and not allow it. I don't care if I have to do a 2 yr contract. I'm not leaving D* in the next 2 years.
Does it actually say it ships a 24, or does it just show one in a picture of the box?
But that H-24 could be a refurb.

Some have taken this 'deal' and been very disappointed with what they got because they felt like they were being offered new equipment of a specific model, only to end up with not only a different model, but refurbed to boot.

You could take a gamble. Buy a brand spanking new one and then try to get D* to give you a rebate on it. Some have tried and been successful, but as with all deals with D* it is a total crapshoot.

Or another route is to email the office of the president and tell them about your problems with the refurbs they've been sending. They have the authority to send new product and specific models. Worse case they say no.
Thanks for your replies and suggestions. Very helpful!
Yes, great thread as I'm in the same boat as the OP. My DVR seems to be acting up.
I'm not signing a new contract! Since I pay $5 per month to lease the stupid DVR on top of the $5 fee for HD, I'm calling them up to replace it.
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