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Upgrade / Install vent

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Just getting this off my chest, and seeing if anyone thinks I'm due more compensation from DirecTV.

I had been experiencing periodic lockups and reboots w/ my HR10-250. I called D* on 11/17 to report this. I pay for the equipment protection plan. I was told to do a clear and delete everything to try and fix the problem. By Monday nite, 11/20, I was having the same problems, so I called them again, and they agreed to replace it.

I stressed at the time that I wanted another HR10-250, not the new HR20. I was leary about the new software, and I REALLY wanted to be able to watch Thanksgiving football in HD which the HR20 is not currently capable of (no OTA yet). The only assurance I could get from D* was that I would recieve a "comparable" unit.

Needless to say, the unit that arrived was the HR20-700. I immediately called (this was Wednesday afternoon) and demanded that, since this unit is NOT "comparable" I be given an install of the 5-sat dish so I could receive locals in HD from the satellite. "Sure," they said. "We can have it installed on Tuesday." This was eventually negotiated back to today (Sunday). I figured that, even though I had missed my HD football weekend, the wife could still get Desperate Housewives tonite, and I could get Heroes tomorrow.

The install was setup for between 1:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. At 1:10, the installer called to check on the work order. He didn't think it was right, and he was correct. The work order was for a 3-LNB dish install and no mention of the required 6x8 multi-switch. Since I already HAVE a 3-LNB dish, it was obvious that someone had screwed up.

Called DirecTV back, and they changed the work order, gave me a new order number, then told ME to call the installer to set it all up. I called the installer (national number), they called the local office, they called the supervisor, he called the installer, and the installer was on another job and could not possibly get to me before sunset.

I'm now on their calendar for Tuesday morning, I'll have to take a morning off work all because D* didn't send me the replacement they should have.

Customer retention has given me $20/mo off my package for 6 mos. because of all of this.

I REALLY hate the local cable company (Comcast), but they are looking more attactive all the time. Particularly since Tivo released the cable-card boxes.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post. I just needed to vent.

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I guess your experience pretty much confirms that DirecTV no longer stocks any replacement HR10-250 HD DirecTivo DVRs. That's too bad.

Out of curiosity .... did your lockup and reboot problems start after the recent v6.3a software update? Other folks have reported similar problems. An upcoming update might solve that problem. Replacing/upgrading the hard drive yourself might also help. I can provide more details if you're interested that route.
Not to belittle your experience because that kind of thing truly s^cks, but I would expect that Tuesday could become a whole day off work and not just the morning.

Good luck - I hope it all works out to your satisfaction!
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