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Upgrade Motorhome Radio

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My motorhome is a 1997 and has a Delco Electronic radio and is very difficult to operate while driving, plus to get Satellite radio is a seperate Radio Shack Invo2 setup. Almost have to pull over to tune it. The Delco has am/fm/cd/cassette and is "2 DIN" and measures (approximately) 4" H x 7" W. What we want is a new radio that fits the space of the old one, AM, FM, CD and Satellite Radio (Sirius), and has a big enough screen so I can see at a glance. And a remote would be a plus for the wife in the co-pilot seat so she can change her own channels without getting up.

So what make/model recommendations does anyone have and where can I get one????
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You might want to double check that radio size. Many GM's of that era used odd sized radios that aren't really double DIN and won't accept a double-DIN replacement. There also might not be enough depth behind the dash.
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