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Upgrade offer?

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After a 14-month experiment with U-Verse, we returned to DirecTV almost a year ago. When we left, we had 3 SD DirecTiVos. We returned with 2 HD televisions and 1 SD television so they installed an SD receiver for that unit along with the 2 HD DVRs we requested. Basically, we went from 6 unshared recording streams (3 SD DirecTV tivos) to AT&Ts 4 shared recording streams, then to 4 unshared streams on DirecTV. IOW, we seem to be moving backwards :confused:

The third television has been upgraded to HD and we'd like some improvement in the form of an HD receiver with some sort of recording capability there -- either in the form of Whole Home service or another DVR. Our billing anniversary is coming up so I expect we'll be eligible for some form of no-charge upgrade. If we ask for Whole Home service, will an HD receiver for the third TV be included? What is the possibility that we could exchange the HR24 for an HR34 with a C31 client? As I recall, there's a "budget" for no-charge upgrades and I'm wondering how how much progress we can reasonably expect this time around.


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The normal install for whole home would not swap out the SD box. The only case for that would be if it didn't support SWM, and since you got reinstalled recently I don't think you have that. To access whole home from there, you need an HD box. I personally would try to go with the HR34 in one location, though don't know if you'd get a deal, since you're still under contract. But, they may be able to make an offer.
dpeters11 said:
To access whole home from there, you need an HD box..
I'm confused, what's the purpose of "Whole Home" if you can't share recordings with another TV? I guess I should have mentioned that the second DVR is a THR22 so it can't participate in Whole Home at all. If DirecTV won't swap out the SD receiver,as part of the Whole Home upgrade, there won't be any sharing clients in the system.

Whole Home requires at least one HD DVR and one HD receiver (including C31/RVU if the DVR is an HR34), not including the TiVo.

Even if someone had an R22, which is actually an HR21 but originally was SD only, they would need other boxes to fulfill the requirements, even though when everything was setup, the R22 would be in the whole home network, as it is now HD compatible.
I wouldn't expect you'll be eligible for any "no-charge" upgrades.

The only way to find out though, is to call and ask.

And why did you start another thread???

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