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Upgrade to HD, Good deal or not? - noob questions

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I've been lurking for some time. But I've finally decided to upgrade to HD DVR's from the standard dvr's I now have. First, I've been a w/Dtv since 2002 and have 2 dvrs now, both sd. I called Dtv and talked to CSR and here's the basic deal they offered. I didn't mention to Dtv csr, but I want the 2 AM-21s also. I'm looking to find out if this as a decent deal or can I get more? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

2 HD DVRs - $300
installation of new dish - free
service fee (can't remember exactly what for) - $20
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tmaxxer said:
2 HD DVRs - $300
installation of new dish - free
service fee (can't remember exactly what for) - $20
You have been a loyal customer. When they present the price politely ask them to waive the cost of the equipment. I did and they didn't bat an eye.

I paid $20 for the shipping, but the rest was "free" (except for the obligatory contract extension).


Customer since 2004
First D* funded upgrade (bought my own HD receiver a while back)
New HR21, installed, for $40 ($20 "shipping" plus the $20 tax on a $199 unit - Since I got a $199 credit, but not the tax).
New 5-LNB dish installed.
AM21 for half off ($27) - This was a second call after I politely complained that I lost OTA with my "upgrade"
OH, and now the standard offer does not require contract extension, at least that's my understanding.

So it sounds like you are payng $100 for one DVR and $200 for the other.

I think you should be able to get at least one for less.
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