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bmil said:
I'm planning on installing a new pole mount about 50' closer since I won't have to worry about the 72.5 los. That would make the longest run for a new swm install (I'm assuming the new dish would be a swm-lnb with one run inside to a splitter/PI) of about 140-150' to the
splitter/PI and an additional 45' max to the furthest dvr. My questions are:

- Is a swm-lnb to splitter/PI setup more or less sensitive to longer runs than the old non-swm setup?

- Will the Tech have a problem under DTV's install rules with such distances?

Thanks for your assistance..
You'll need to check with the tech, as I can't answer any concerns he might have.

"figuring on" 200' of RG6 between a SWiM LNB and the farthest receiver, it will work, but you may have problems if/when you add more than the two HD DVRs.
The SWiM to receiver loss can be as high as 30 dB, and the 200' of RG6 & using a 2-way splitter will be within this, with about 10 dB to spare.

If you were to use an 8-way splitter you'll have more than 30 dB of loss if you're also adding more receivers.
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