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Currently have an old self-installed SD setup with a 3-phase oval and an 18" (for 72.5 locals) at my vacation home.
Since it's in a heavily wooded area I went with pole mounts some distance away to get a los for the 72.5 bird.

Right now I have 200' runs using a good quality Belden burial solid copper rg-6 from the dishes to a non-powered multi-switch.
From there I have runs using Belden 7915A solid copper to 2 sd-dvr's and 1 sd receiver, the longest run about 45' from
the multi-switch. This makes the longest distance LNB to receiver of about 245'. Currently most of my signals are in the low to
mid 90's (a few high 80's).

My locals have already been shut down and obviously they're offering a free dish/receivers/install upgrade because of the 72.5 shut down.
Because of this free situation I'm thinking of going ahead and upgrading to 2 hd-dvr's, hd receiver and Whole Home at the same time.

I'm planning on installing a new pole mount about 50' closer since I won't have to worry about the 72.5 los. That would make the longest
run for a new swm install (I'm assuming the new dish would be a swm-lnb with one run inside to a splitter/PI) of about 140-150' to the
splitter/PI and an additional 45' max to the furthest dvr. My questions are:

- Is a swm-lnb to splitter/PI setup more or less sensitive to longer runs than the old non-swm setup?

- Will the Tech have a problem under DTV's install rules with such distances?

If it wasn't for the free 72.5 upgrade deal I'd probably do the upgrade myself but I'm allergic to spending my own money when
DTV will provide most of it for free...

Thanks for your assistance..
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