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Upgrading T60 from 2.5 to 3.5

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I have an old T60 that I still use for the kids and love it. I had a problem with the original drive, but was able to get that taken care of. The problem is I lost everything on the drive. Luckily I had done a virgin backup years ago when I first got the unit and was able to restore with mfstools back to 2.5.

It's my understanding that I will no longer be offered an upgrade via phone to current software as those servers are now offline. The flip side of that is that 2.5 doesn't have support for software download via SAT. So how do I get to current enough code so that I can be upgraded via SAT?

Thanks in advance.
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I was able to get my instantcake image on my 40GB drive with the following

First I mounted the CDROM to /mnt

Then I did mfstool restore -p -s 64 -zi /mnt/.images/000001 /dev/hdx

It did the restore and got me back to 3.5c on my 40 GB drive.

I'm in the middle of a C&DE.

I'm posting because I'm sure someone will need this info.

I do have a question though. I can ping but I can't telnet. Since I couldn't run the instantcake script does that mean all hacks weren't installed?

What do I need to do to get telnet working?

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