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I have 2 HR20's, one H24 and one HR24, SWM and Whole-Home, all running NR (I believe from Feb.)

Last night I noticed that the UPL on the HR24 was not in A-Z order. So I tried to fix it (using the Yellow from the list). Although I re-ordered the list, it did not take, i.e., no change. One of the HR20's was fine (I did not check the other HR20 or the H24).

Although the list is in alphabetical order, it goes three times, i.e., ~ one third are in order A-Z, then the A-Z list starts a second time and then a third time.

I have tried resetting the problem IRD, but that did not help.

Anyone else see this or have a solution?

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Yes, I noticed this too. It happened when one of my units got the update, but the other 2 had not. My second one got the update night before last and it fixed the playlist order, but now I cannot see the third (which has not yet gotten the update) at all. I am hoping it got the update last night and life will be back to normal today. Will check when I get home.

And it is Bueller, not Buhler. As in Ferris Bueller.
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