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Use of the USB Port

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Hello All:

With all of the software updates on most HD receivers being done and it seems almost weekly, if the USB controls on the H20-600 and the HR20-100S are now the same?

The I/O ability on the H20 is compatable with my KVH Rooftop dish on my Motorhome. It controls the ability to change and redirect the dish for different channels, meaning with a channel change, the commands are sent via USB to the dish and servos redirect to the 1 of 3 Sats.

I was told by KVH, that software internal to the H20 allows this to happen. The HR20 didn't at the time of purchase (about a year ago).

Any help would be a great help to me.

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This probably could be done. But, I see a problem with trying to record one OTA channel and watching another, if the towers are in different locations.
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