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Using a JP1 programmed remote to control HR20 and HR22 DVRs

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I posted the following at www.hifi-remote.com/forums but am also asking if anyone here can help.

I have a 9910 which has worked quite well to control an H20 DirecTV receiver and HR20 DVR. I just changed the H20 to an HR22, and I would like to control both with the 9910, but I cannot get it to work.

I program the 9910 with a JP1 cable using Keymap master. I had downloaded from the hifi-remote site a file for general use with an HR20 DVR. It stated to set the raw fixed data to C3 and that a second receiver could be controlled by setting the receiver to "AV1 or AV2" and then setting the raw fixed data to D3. I did this for the H20, and it worked fine. The problem is that neither the new HR22 or original HR20 will respond when they are set to AV1/AV2 instead of DirecTV.

One difference appears to be that the DirecTV remote could be set to code 00002 on AV1 and control the H20. This code apparently does not work with an HR20 or HR22. Remote code 00003 is the only one on the DirecTV remote which will control an HR20 or HR22 when set to AV1/AV2.

Does anyone know how I would program my remote is the code for the HRxx is 00003? Is there another protocol, or can I set the raw fixed data to something different from D3 so I can control two HD DVRs?

Thanks for the help.

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Heres a thread with WAV files you can load to your computer on to the 9910. First has the 3 addresses, 00001, 00002, and 00003. The next file makes so each address is only on key away from one another. You only have to use one device:

Thanks, Edmund. What I really would be looking for would just be the code for 00003. I actually prefer to use two different device buttons for the two different DVRs. In addition, I am using an extender, which allows me to use the M buttons for the four color buttons on the original remote. So if there were a way to just find a device code for 00003, I would be set.


Sorry I didn't make those files, and i'm not jp1-er. Its all Robman's work.
Thanks for the help. I was able to get the info I needed at hifi-remote.com

I am not a jp1-er either, but try to either post the steps you needed to follow or a link to the steps on the hifi-remote.com site.

It is always nice to have the information available for the next person with the problem.
RoyGBiv said:
Thanks for the help. I was able to get the info I needed at hifi-remote.com

Can you please share what you found?
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