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Using DECA to enable ethernet to other home theater devices

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Hey all, I was hoping I could get some quick information here. I've been doing a lot of research, and I think I have a firm grasp for DECA, what it is INTENDED to do, and what I am INTENDING it to do. With that being said, I think I have a little bit of a different situation than others, and I'd like to get some feedback to make sure I'm on the right track here.

First and foremost, my intentions are to get rid of the ever inconsisent wireless connections in a new home theater package that I'm putting together. This will include Panasonic plasma TV, Denon AVR, Panasonic Blu-ray, XBOX360, and my trusty HR24-200 box. It isn't overly easy to get ethernet over to this area, so I started investigating DECA to make this work.

Here are a few threads that got me pretty close to my answer, but I would still like some clarification:



*Apparently, I can't post URLs until after 5 posts, so sorry they are just dummy links.....

One post in one of these threads is a step-by-step on what I need to do, and it is:

veryoldschool said:
This doesn't work with the 24s, since their DECA is internal and they don't power a DECA if one is connected to them.
Coax from wall to splitter > (a) to DECA [with PI for power], (b) to HR24.
DECA (ethernet output] to switch or straight to PS3.
Here is where my question comes in. I do NOT use MRV and don't have a desire to upgrade to MRV. But I do want my HR24 to still be able to connect for "On Demand" and "Directv Cinema".

Will the DECA that is now in this loop work? Or, when I put a switch after the DECA Ethernet Output, do I need to connect the ethernet port on the HR24 to this switch?

Thanks in advance.
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The HR2x cannot be used to bridge your other equipment. For that you need another DECA adapter and a network switch (hubs are eeeeeevillllle).

If it were mine to deal with, I'd (in order of preference):

1. run a CAT6 cable
2. move the router to a better location
3. use a second DECA adapter off a splitter on the HR2x line.

Obviously options 1 and 2 are independent of what wiring technology you're currently using and option 3 requires that you are already delivering the DIRECTV signal via SWiM.
veryoldschool said:
Wouldn't you first need to subscribe to DirecTV?
No. You certainly don't need to subscribe to DIRECTV to face such a question.

It is far from reasonable to assume that only DIRECTV subscribers could comprehend, compare or make use of MoCA.
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