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UTV Search Feature Tip/Help Needed

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I have really enjoyed playing with my new UTV all weekend. One thing I can't figure out is how to get back to my point in a search after setting a recording. Tonight I did a search for movies with some limiting criteria. I received the responses I expected but of course it is a long list. I scrolled through them and selected a movie to record. No problem so far. Here is my dilemma I can't seem to figure out:

How do I get back to the point in my search where I found the movie I wanted to record so that I can keep moving forward throughout the week. I have tried using "Back" but that gets me back to the criteria or the Home screen. In effect, I have to redo the search, rescroll back through everything I just reviewed to get back to the point where it stopped. Then if I find another movie, I have to do it all over again.

Anyway, surely there is an easier way to do this. Isn't there?
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Here is what I did to duplicate your problem and my results:

Home -> Search TV -> Search by Title ->

typed in Utah in the entry block

about five items per day showed up in the results. If scroll down the screen and just hit the record button on the scroll screen on the item I am interestsed in, it just sets that item to record without changing screens.

I then selected the Univeristy of Utah Pre Season Football Special and it came up the with description screen with the option to record or remind, or done selections, selected record and then record just this showing. After it set to record I hit the Back button on my keyboard a few times and it went back through all of the screens I had just seen until it came back to the scroll screen in the same place where I had selected the program and continued to scroll on through.

The easiest way, though, is to simply hit the record button on the program without even entering the description page and continue to scroll.

Hope that helps.
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