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Valdosta State football game Saturday night?

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Wasn't this supposed to be on TV (I think CBSCS)?

I checked, and they were showing yet another old SEC game. Thought maybe the game had been postponed due to the storms, but checked the papers and that wasn't the case.
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hornetsfan30m said:
VALDOSTA, Ga. - Rain and winds from Tropical Storm Fay has caused the cancellation of the broadcast of Saturday evening Valdosta State versus Fort Valley State season-opening football game.

Fay has wreaked havoc on the North Florida and South Georgia are a over the last three days, cancelling flights into airports surrounding the Valdosta area. Much of the television crew that was to work the broadcast was unable to get into the Valdosta area, leading CBS and the NCAA to agree to cancel the broadcast.

Despite the cancelation of the broadcast, Saturday night's game will still be played as regularly scheduled, beginning at 8:00 p.m. at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium.http://www.vstateblazers.com/news/release-detail.php?story_id=699
Thanks. I didn't come across that when I was doing my searches.
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