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VH1 Rock Honors The Who

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VH1 Rock Honors The Who premeired last night. As an old fan, I enjoyed the interpretations of their songs by other bands, especially the Foo Fighters opening of Young Man Blues and Bargain. But what I thought was the most interesting was the difference between the HD broadcasts on MHD and VH1.

MHD was clearly superior. One, it filled the whole screen. The VH1 HD broadcast was letterboxed boxed within a 4:3 frame. MHD also sounded better. It was less compressed. Finally, it had a lot less commercials. I was switching back and forth between the two initially, checking out the differences, and soon found the MHD broadcast ahead of the VH1 version. It ended after less than 1 hour, 40 minutes. I assume the VH1 broadcast filled the whole 2 hour time slot.

MHD looks like they have finally figured out their volume problems, too. It used to be the promos and ads were 10 dB or more louder than the shows. Tonight they were about the same. If anything, the liners were a little quieter than The Who. That was appropriate.
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I missed it, although I am sure that I will have another chance to catch it in the next week or so. Just thought I would let you know that you missed this also: http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/...1257&sid=87019391-a92a-44de-b1fd-630e859ddc81
Damn. Nice guitar. :D

You'll like the VH1 piece, and yes, I'm sure it will be repeated forever. The Who themselves play the last third of the show. I can't tell you who the bass player was but Roger and Pete continue to employ Zak Starkey as their drummer. I get more impressed with him every time I hear him play. He's quite a different drummer than his dad - less jazzy - but he's damn good. He adapts well within the different flavors of The Who nowadays, and when you want a banger like Moonie, Zak's your guy. Kenny Jones was always too reserved for my taste. Zak can play like a madman.
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