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Video freeze after long period of inactivity - overnite

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I am wondering if others have experienced this:

I have a HR24 (most current release with the smaller progress bar), a HR20 (again most current release) and a HR23 with the new HD GUI but one level down on the release (no power saver feature).

The 24 and the 20 have the Power Saver feature turned off. But, in the morning when I turn on the TV, I get a picture frozen on the screen. Pause, play ... don't do anything. If I change the channel and go back to the frozen channel, then it's OK (of course with nothing in the buffer).

I don't care to get into a discussion about the pros and cons of the power saver feature. Just want to know if others have experienced this, before I contact DirecTV.

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Does it happen on both dvrs or just one? If so which one?
It happened for a couple of mornings in a row on the 20 and the 24, but now they seem to have settled down and working fine.

The reason I posted it was because it happened on the boxes with the newest software but not on the box that is one level down.

I guess maybe it was a coincidence, although I don't generally believe in coincidences.
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