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Ok, I know there have been other threads along this same problem. It seems as if everybody has a different variation.

My problem is HD video only drop-outs:

1-5 sec long
only video is lost
only HD... recorded, live or OTA (mostly live and OTA)
not channel specific


* It seems to be much, much worse on commercials and the lost video seems to come back once the scene changes. These are HD commercials.

* If watching a recording... I can re-playback and the video drop out does not occur again. (drop outs while watching a recording is rare, but has happened)

* I am using component connections.

I rarely turn the box off... should I turn it off at night. Will it turn on to record if a timer fires when off? ( I think I know the answer to this, but thought I should confirm it)

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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